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Top 5 Courses to Learn Korean (For Beginners)

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Trying to learn Korean? Here are 4 free options, and one paid course!

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5 Courses to Learn Korean

If you’re looking to learn the Korean language, here are 5 online resources that might be helpful. If you have any suggestions, don’t forget to share in the comments, as well! Do you know the language? What is your favorite part about learning it?

1. First Step Korean, from Coursera

Yonsei University, one one of the top 3 most respected universities in South Korea, offers a free online course for those who want to learn the language.It runs for 5 weeks, but once it starts you are able to work at your own pace. It begins with complete basics, such as the alphabet, and helping you grow familiar with it. Complete with lecture videos, quizzes, and practice materials. You can also obtain a certificate of completion, once you are done and pass all the quizzes! The perfect course for beginners.

2. Learn To Speak Korean 1, from Coursera

Could be seen as the follow-up course. Taught by a different professor, it covers many of the same subjects, but a little more advanced. Does not put as much emphasis on the alphabet, for example, and rather shows key sentences for communicating. Here at LearningWhere, it’s a tried and true favorite.

3. Talk To Me In Korean, YouTube Channel (and more)

A very complete website with its own youtube channel. A reliable source with plenty of material; over 1300+ videos on their channel, all of them for free! In addition to free podcasts and pdfs on their website. They also offer original books that you can purchase, if you wish to delve deeper into the language.

4. KoreanClass101, Website and YouTube Channel

Another reliable YouTube channel with hundreds of free videos. You can also access exclusive materials on their website, and they offer affordable subscriptions there for those who want to learn language more thoroughly.

5. Core Korean 1, from Udemy

A top rated course, averaging 4.7 stars with over 425 ratings. You are able to work at your own pace, and go over any video or lecture any time you wish. (One huge upside of online learning). Over 11 hours of on-demand video, and you have the option to get a certificate of completion at the end! Usually $199, but get up to 90% off as a new user. Try it on for size if you wish, as they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. And if not, try the above resources!

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