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14 Singing Courses and Resources Online

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If you’re looking for singing courses, the following list of online resources, both free and paid, could serve as a perfect starting point.

We have included courses from Berklee College of Music, on-demand classes from vocal coaches, and YouTube channels with free lessons.

#1 Singing Popular Music

You can find this course on Coursera, as part of the “Singer Songwriter” specialization by the Berklee College of Music. By choosing to audit the course, you get access to all the material for free. You would only need to pay if you wish to obtain a certificate for the whole specialization. The course is made up of the following modules:

  • Vocal Styles and Tone Quality
  • Mix Voice in Contemporary Singing
  • Singing Powerful Styles
  • Developing Your Sound: Style Awareness and Integration

While the course has an average rating of 4.5 stars, some reviewers note that the lectures can lack depth at times:

“This course was very helpful in explaining the physical aspects in singing and I appreciate that. I however think that it was a little fast paced” – Rya S.

“Maybe some points weren’t deeply discussed, but it is a short-[length] course, so I think it was a nice overview. As someone who already had some practice I could learn new things and get a glimpse of techniques I can further develop.” – Luisa C. d. F.

You can always audit the course if you only wish to try it out.

#2 Elite Singing Techniques – Phase I

This is one of the top-rated singing courses on Udemy. The instructor, Eric Arceneaux, is a vocal coach with over 800K subscribers on YouTube, and the course itself has an average rating of 4.8 stars. It is divided in 9 modules, and some of the topics include lip rolls, vocal fry, and breath and support.

Some reviews from students include the following:

“This course has been the best at explaining each exercise and how it directly impacts singing.” – Carlos A. C.

“By far Eric is the best vocal coach I’ve ever come across, I follow him every where on social media and finally I got to get his course” – Rami F.

Since the course does come with a price tag of $99 (one-time payment), it is also worth checking out his YouTube channel…

#3 Eric Arceneaux (YouTube Channel)

If you are not quite ready to spend $99 on his Udemy course, Eric also features many vocal warmups and exercises on his YouTube channel. Incorporating specific exercises into your routines is always an option, which is why we feature his channel as a major resource.

The following is a comment on one of his most popular videos:

“I’ve learned so much from these, I’ve been studying vocals for 35 years and Eric is a go to for me every time I study and warmup!” – Scott M.

#4 Madeleine Harvey (YouTube Channel)

And speaking of YouTube channels, one additional resource would be Madeleine Harvey’s channel. She is also a voice teacher, and her videos range from “reactions” to specific vocal exercises and techniques.

The following is a comment from one of her videos on breath support:

“In 14 minutes you fixed my number one issue I didnt know I had. Thank you so much.” – Maria F.

#5 How To Sing 1: Complete Vocal Warm ups & Voice Physiology

This course is available on Udemy, and it has an average rating of 4.6 stars. Apart from the lectures themselves, the instructor has also included an accompanying ebook, exercises, a downloadable vocal warm-up, among other resources.

One highlight from this course is that it includes a section on voice physiology. Roma Waterman, the vocal coach behind this course, find that teaching this allows students to understand their voice better, which then leads to more effective practice.

Reviews tend to praise the the thoroughness of the course as well as the exercises:

“It has been very fun to learn with this course, I am able to manage my posture & breathing & resonance skills now.” – Bengisu S.

“Very methodical course and wonderful teacher. … Don’t shy away from the exercises, they really work.” – Helena D.

#6 Voice Training – 30-Days to a More Confident Powerful Voice

Not every voice training course has to be for singing. If you are not a singer, and are instead seeking to improve your overall speaking voice, this course could be a great fit.

The instructor is a voice over actor and presenter who also specializes in voice training. His course is organized in 30 daily modules, which some reviewers note makes the program easier to follow. Overall, there are 5 hours of video content and additional downloadable resources.

Students have commented the following:

“The course is exactly what I expected based on the introduction. … I have experienced some of the exercises previously in acting classes, but I love how he explains them.” – Nicole P.

“I decided to take this course because my work involves speaking a lot; I wish I had started earlier – but maybe it is more important that now I am doing it.” – Timea B.

#7 The All In One Voice Lesson

In this course, vocal coach Canangela Boyd-Robertson guides the learner through eight thorough lessons designed to help improve vocal performance. Some of the lesson topics include how to warm up and cool down the voice, how to project the voice, improvisation, vocal range, breath support, among many others.

Having 25 years of experience teaching music, Boyd-Robertson includes demonstrations with students in the lessons. This way, she hopes that the online learners get a grasp of how to practice, rather than learning random concepts without knowing how to apply them.

Reviewers have commented the following:

“I have taken several singing courses. This one was a breath of fresh air.” – Jo Ann

“This course is thoroughly and professionally planned. It provides a solid foundation for those who can already sing and for those, such as myself, who need a push in the right direction.” – Robert D.

#8 Healthy Vocal Technique (YouTube Channel)

The “Healthy Vocal Technique” channel is another ideal option if you’re looking for free resources. Vocal coach Victoria Rapanan has over 30 years of experience, and she shares much of her expertise through clearly organized lessons on her channel.

Comments on one of her videos state the following:

“Is this channel the hidden treasure that I’ve been seeking?” – Law H.

“This is actually spot on. All beginners should watch this.” –  Jonatan

We recommend that you check out her lessons playlist, where she has over 104 videos.

#9 Vocal Improvement for Great Singing

At the time that this post is published, this Udemy course has an average rating of 4.9 stars. The instructor is a professional singer, and she highlights that the course is not only helpful for singers, but also for those who give frequent presentations.

Overall, the “three pillars” she outlines are aimed to help the student develop a more confident voice.

Some reviews include the following:

“The daily breathing exercises to control the breath are helping me to improve my voice quality as well as stamina in singing.” – Nandini S.

“I have a deeper understanding of how the voice works, thanks to this course!” – Neenu A.

#10 Roger Burnley Voice Studio (YouTube Channel)


If you are looking for free resources, the Roger Burnley Voice Studio channel is another great option. Roger Burnley is a vocal coach who also shares his expertise through short video lessons.

We especially recommend you check his Vocal Lessons playlist, where he features over 100 videos.

The following are comments from one of his videos:

“Your videos play a huge part in developing my voice..  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!” – Jays R.

“Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how different this makes my voice” – JanéKMusic

#11 Singing for Busy People

This course, by vocal teacher and performer Ramesha Nani, aims to help students develop their singing through concise lessons that can be completed at any time.

Specifically, the course provides audio guides, in addition to the video lectures, so learners can practice anywhere. Many reviewers mention taking the lessons on their drives to and from work, and noticing improvement this way.

The following are more comments from reviewers:

“It was really helpful. I learned more about actual singing technique than I ever learned in school (in the subject of music)” – Martin K.

“I was struggling at first with some of the high range, but one month in, I significantly notice the difference, can feel the changes, and am hitting the notes.” – Johnny Q.

#12 Singing Simplified 1: The Fast-Track to Singing Like a Pro

In this course, instructor Steve Glazer organizes the material so that the learner can take one lesson a day, 6 days per week, for a total course duration of 8 weeks. It is one of the best selling singing courses on Udemy, and it has an average of 4.7 stars in ratings.

While the course is designed for beginners, some reviewers note that it is also appropriate for more experienced singers. The following are some more reviews from learners:

“Breathing sounds so elementary but it’s of the upmost importance for singing. It’s great to “get back to the basics”.” – Wes G.

“This course has helped me a lot in understanding basics and correct the technique which I have been doing wrongly since years!” – Rohan M.

We have also featured this course in a previous post before!

#13 Breathing Bootcamp for Singers

“Breathing Bootcamp for Singers” is another course by Eric Arceneaux, who we mentioned earlier in this post. Differently from the “Singing Techniques” course from earlier, however, this course focuses almost entirely on breathing. It is tagged as a “Bestseller” on Udemy, and has 4.7 stars in average ratings.

The course is divided into approximately 13 units, some of which include “Tactile Breathing”, “Suspension”, and “The Silver Thread”.  Learners who have written reviews recommend practicing often to get the most out of the course.

The following are some reviews by students:

“My voice quality has improved, and I feel like my body supports me whenever I’m ready to sing a note. I highly recommend his program” – Edwardo L.

“This is a great course on breath work. Eric masterfully combines exposition (talking about anatomy, relevant physics, posture, etc) with exercises promoting healthy breathing with the intent of being a better singer.” – David W.

#14 Arranging for Songwriters

While this course is not specifically about singing, it is another course from Berklee, which could go well with their “Singing Popular Music” course that we featured earlier in this post.

This course is aimed at singer-songwriters who seek to improve their arrangements without taking away from the vocals in a song. It is made up of four modules:

  • New Ways of Listening
  • Laying the Foundation
  • Finding the Groove
  • Instrumentation and Vocals

While some learners note that the course could be better organized, others also highlight that the interviews and some of the materials are helpful:

“This is a very informative course for songwriters of various skill levels.” – Vedyakova A. K.

“The tutors are good and nice and I like the interviews. Unfortunately, the teaching materials and methods are a bit outdated.” – Florian G.

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