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Course of the Day: “Singing Simplified”

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Every few days, we’ll bring you one noteworthy course from within a wide range of platforms. To start off this series, here is a top-rated course focused on singing! As of time of review, there are over 3,835 students enrolled and it has an average rating of 4.8 stars. Along with 0% of reviews being 1 or 2 stars. See screenshot:

Reviews for singing udemy course ENROLL HERE

The reviews are always crucial in any course. They offer either confirmation, or criticisms about whatever the course offers. This course claims that you’ll gain a better understanding of your own voice, and will be able to sing with better technique. It’s also a course that’s geared towards beginners. No previous singing skills are necessary, says the instructor.
Online singing courses review
Screenshot from Udemy Course Page
Here some of the reviews:
“The instructor knows what he is talking about and provides a logical and practical means for me to advance as a singer, without feeling that the goal is not achievable. I wish I had stumbled onto this course sooner.” – Austin Hubert

“5-star worthy course! It’s sooo… hard not to zoom through this course. It has been the right view I’ve needed to approach singing. Honest, fun, and you don’t need perfect pitch and memorized scales before you begin. You just need to do a little each day (I find that the hardest part) and let your voice grow into the exercises.” – Thurstonobrien

“I just started the course but I already sing a little better. The technique described right from the beginning really helped. Steve also [critiqued] my video of me singing and gave good advice. …” – Chas

“Has been very clear, with simple exercises that are new to me. Everything’s very useful.” [translated from Spanish] – Marcel Blanco
Make sure to enroll if you’re interested, and leave commentary here on LearningWhere too!

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