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Course of the Day: Microsoft Excel – from Beginner to Advanced

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If you’re looking for in-depth Excel training, instead of just random tutorials, consider this Udemy course.

What sets this course apart from simple tutorials?

  • It has 16 hours of video
  • Instructor has 15+ years of Excel training experience
  • There are 4 courses in one:
    • Introduction course
    • Intermediate course
    • Advanced course
    • Macros and VBA course

Additionally, the course has a 4.6 stars rating, based on 70k+ reviews.

Screenshot of Udemy course about Excel training, showing an empty Excel spreadsheet

What can I expect to learn?

Some of the skills mentioned on the course’s page include:

  • Basic working with spreadsheets
  • Mastering popular Excel tools
  • Working with large sets of data
  • Using PivotTables
  • Automating tasks with Macros and VBA
  • And more

Do I need to have any previous experience with Excel?

Again, according to the course’s page, you don’t need any previous knowledge in order to join.

Preview videos

Sample videos, as of September 2019

Although a pretty brief “Course of The Day” today, we encourage you to browse through the actual course page. There’s a good amount of preview videos there, and you can see for yourself if you like the course or not.

With over 200k students enrolled, it’s also one of the most popular Udemy courses.

Here, some promising reviews:

“Started this course with 0 knowledge on excel, used it like word. After this course I find myself creating multiple worksheets in one workbook, with multiple pivot tables. Highly recommended! Looking forward for the next course.” – Giovanni A.

“It’s such a wonderful course. For those who want to enroll; if you’re thinking that just by taking this course you’ll be the MVP of the Excel, you are wrong. Excel is such a large application with so much to do. … But this course will definitely teach you the dynamics of Excel. You’ll learn how to use tools, formulas and etc. but more importantly you’ll learn where to use [it].” – Burkay S.

“The course is amazing, especially comparing to others which have a lot of text reciting instead of simple explanation like in this course. Of course, it would be more helpful to have more exercises or some similar tasks to solve personally. But despite this, the course is the best of all I have seen.” – Bohdana Z.

Do you plan on trying it out? Let us know your experience if you do!

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