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Course Review: An Introduction to the U.S. Food System – Perspectives from Public Health

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“An Introduction to the U.S. Food System: Perspectives from Public Health”. Review of Coursera course.

If you’re looking to become better versed on the American food system, this is an ideal course for you. Johns Hopkins University (JHU) is a leader in public health research, so you can have peace of mind in terms of quality of the content.

What topics does it cover?
Food systems, food security, and food system sustainability are among the main themes. It’s a concurrent discussion of the three, the way they overlap, as well as their relations to public health.

Is it good for beginners?
It’s a good introductory course for anyone interested in the topic. No previous experience required.

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What can I expect?
You can expect in-depth discussion on the contemporary U.S. food system, as well as some of the history behind it. A variety of lecturers with expertise on different fields. And also a better understanding of the food that’s on your plate. You’ll be able to approach conversations of the American food industry with more clarity on your mind.

As a LearningWhere editor, I can confirm it’s a course that lives up to high standards. I enrolled with an open mind, hoping to learn about the junk food industry and maybe some of its history. But the course ended up offering much more than that!

I encourage you to enroll if it piques your interest. Since it’s a Coursera course, you can work at your own pace. And even if you only complete a few lectures, you will gain valuable knowledge, which is so fulfilling!

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