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14 Singing Courses and Resources Online

If you’re looking for singing courses, the following list of online resources, both free and paid, could serve as a perfect starting point. We have included courses from Berklee College of Music, on-demand classes from vocal coaches, and YouTube channels with free lessons. #1 Singing Popular Music You can find this course on Coursera, as […]

12 Music Courses Online (Free)

Here are 12 of the best online courses about music on Coursera. They all average over 4.5+ stars in ratings, and most of them include subtitles in multiple languages. #1 The Importance and Power of Music in our Society To start with, this course overviews major connections between music and societal concepts. Some ideas explored […]

Course of the Day: “Singing Simplified”

Every few days, we’ll bring you one noteworthy course from within a wide range of platforms. To start off this series, here is a top-rated course focused on singing! As of time of review, there are over 3,835 students enrolled and it has an average rating of 4.8 stars. Along with 0% of reviews being 1 or […]

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