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14 Singing Courses and Resources Online

If you’re looking for singing courses, the following list of online resources, both free and paid, could serve as a perfect starting point. We have included courses from Berklee College of Music, on-demand classes from vocal coaches, and YouTube channels with free lessons. #1 Singing Popular Music You can find this course on Coursera, as […]

10 Free Resources for Online Learning During School Closures

All around the world, schools are facing closures due to COVID-19. Here are 10 free online learning resources to help you and your family resume learning during this time. As somebody who grew up doing online school, I draw on my own experiences a lot, when writing for LearningWhere. I learned to become resourceful, especially […]

Free Video Editor: DaVinci Resolve Best Tutorials

DaVinci Resolve is a free video editor, comparable to professional software like After Effects and Final Cut Pro. Here we compile the best tutorials for it! DaVinci Resolve Tutorial 1: Short and to the point, 7 minutes long overview This tutorial/overview by Andy Tran on YouTube covers the very basics to get you started (for […]

The 3 Most Complete Photography Classes Online

Want to develop the photography skills of a pro? While under a budget? Well, read on. Think of the last in-person photography class you considered attending. There’s a chance that there aren’t many in your area, or that they don’t fit your schedule. As it happens to many, there’s also a chance that they’re too […]

How To Choose College Classes: For a Successful Semester!

Here at LearningWhere, the focus is on independent learning. But for those of you in college (like this LearningWhere writer), this might be especially useful. How to choose college classes, for a successful semester? Emphasis on successful! Successful will mean vastly different things for different people. But here, we’ll be talking about having a semester […]

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