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Modern Art & Ideas: Course Overview (on Coursera)

The online course “Modern Art & Ideas” from New York’s MOMA (The Museum of Modern Art) offers detailed overviews of a variety of modern artworks. It dives into their backgrounds, as well as the techniques used, and aims to give students a deepened understanding of this art form. How much does it cost? As is […]

10 Best Courses To Learn How to Draw (+ Video)

how to LEARN to draw || 10 online resources and courses Tired of browsing through hundreds of courses? Just want to learn where to draw? We got you, with LearningWhere’s first video. So, the breakdown of these courses: Most basic (for beginners) Course 3: The Art & Science Of Drawing: Basic Skills“Drawing is a skill […]

Course of The Day: Drawing Anatomy and Figures For Beginners

Start with a stick figure. Finish with a newfound ease in the art of drawing. This Udemy course stands out from the rest, because of how comprehensive it is. It has over 25 hours of on-demand video. The instructor emphasizes that it’s no quick “shortcut”. One of the first lectures begins with stick figures. So, […]

10 Courses to Learn Graphic Design and Drawing Now! (on Udemy)

If you’re looking to develop your artistic side, now is your time! It’s never too late to start learning how to draw or how to create beautiful pieces of digital art. Here are 10 top-rated online courses so you can begin your learning journey now. 1. The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced The foundation to […]

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