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Author : Andrea G

14 Singing Courses and Resources Online

If you’re looking for singing courses, the following list of online resources, both free and paid, could serve as a perfect starting point. We have included courses from Berklee College of Music, on-demand classes from vocal coaches, and YouTube channels with free lessons. #1 Singing Popular Music You can find this course on Coursera, as […]

12 Music Courses Online (Free)

Here are 12 of the best online courses about music on Coursera. They all average over 4.5+ stars in ratings, and most of them include subtitles in multiple languages. #1 The Importance and Power of Music in our Society To start with, this course overviews major connections between music and societal concepts. Some ideas explored […]

7 Online Courses About Agriculture

Here we present to you 7 online courses about or related to agriculture, on the course platform Coursera. #1: Sustainable Agricultural Land Management This course, from the University of Florida, has an average of 4.8 stars. Titled “Sustainable Agricultural Land Management”, it examines best management practices (BMPs) in agriculture, and the policies behind them. Each […]

10 Free Resources for Online Learning During School Closures

All around the world, schools are facing closures due to COVID-19. Here are 10 free online learning resources to help you and your family resume learning during this time. As somebody who grew up doing online school, I draw on my own experiences a lot, when writing for LearningWhere. I learned to become resourceful, especially […]

Free Video Editor: DaVinci Resolve Best Tutorials

DaVinci Resolve is a free video editor, comparable to professional software like After Effects and Final Cut Pro. Here we compile the best tutorials for it! DaVinci Resolve Tutorial 1: Short and to the point, 7 minutes long overview This tutorial/overview by Andy Tran on YouTube covers the very basics to get you started (for […]

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